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TANG symbolizes unity

The Marriage of Humanitas and Medicine


Our international journal, TANG [HUMANITAS MEDICINE] welcomes manuscripts for consideration that report new information concerning humanitas based medicine. TANG [HUMANITAS MEDICINE] publishes findings of significance in all areas of medicine including medical classics, medical history, clinical medicine, herbology, prescriptionology, pharmacology, physiology, pathology, preventive medicine, nutrition, acupuncture, moxibustion, and interdisciplinary areas. The journal also welcomes studies that involve models relevant to medical theory. Studies describing molecular mechanisms and arts (music, art, and video etc.) with YouTube are very welcomed. Music is the greatest experience in humanities, which understands and soothes human agony. Manuscripts from any other related fields of studies including biology, physics, chemistry, nursing, agriculture, dietetics, pharmacy, biomedical engineering, cosmetology, music, art, engineering, medical electronics, humanities, philosophy and sociology that can significantly contribute to the development of humanitas medicine are welcomed as review articles. 





Original article should include the humanistic point of view.



TANG [HUMANITAS MEDICINE] is published quarterly on the last days of February, May, August, and Novemver by The Humanitas Orthocellular Medicine.


TANG [HUMANITAS MEDICINE]  is an online-only, peer-reviewed open access journal.